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Blogger Breakthrough Summit

Confident Contributor

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Congrats! You Just Got Accepted Into a Bundle!

Now Let's Make Sure You Set Up Your Redemption Process In Thrivecart The Right Way. 

Set Up Your Bundle Redemption Process In Thrivecart To Not Require A Credit Card And Still Present Them With A Paid Offer After Redeeming The Free One!

I'll guide you step by step!

Introducing Confident Contributor

So you can finally...

Feel confident knowing you set up your redemption process to not only meet bundle requirements but also provide clarity to bundle buyers

Feel excited to see those upsell orders rolling into your bank account

Be more effective in your bundle collaborations by tracking new subscribers and sales from those subscribers


  • Get Step by Step Screenshots
  • Make the Bundle Organizer Happy
  • Delight Bundle Buyers
  • Make More Sales

This training will show you how to effectively set up and manage a redemption process for your bundle contributions. It provides step-by-step instructions and guidance on tracking sales, setting up fulfillment, creating coupons, and redirecting customers to limited-time offers after redeeming a free product. It also addresses the issue of customers being required to enter credit card information for a free product and offers solutions to avoid confusion and frustration. Overall, it will help you optimize your bundle redemption process and maximize your sales potential.

    Computer monitor displaying a webinar ad titled "Confident Contributor" from Blogger Breakthrough Summit about setting up a free thrivecart bundle without needing payment info and offering an upsell.
    Smiling woman with curly hair at a laptop, with "Blogger Breakthrough Summit" displayed on a screen behind her.
    Woman with glasses smiling at the camera, in front of a computer screen displaying a webinar titled "Blogger Breakthrough Summit" on boundaries and contribution in work.
    Computer screen displaying an infographic about online purchasing, showing an arrow from "Confident Contributor" to "buy a paid offer at Blogger Breakthrough Summit".
    Illustration on a computer monitor displaying an online shopping checkout process with options for a free bundle and an upsell offer on Confident Contributor by Blogger Breakthrough Summit.
    Computer screen displaying a presentation about Confident Contributor upsells at the Blogger Breakthrough Summit, detailing steps from checking out a $0 bundle to accepting a paid upsell offer.

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