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Blogger Breakthrough Summit

2023 Blogger Breakthrough Summit Audio Feed (1 year)

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Audio Versions Of Each Session from the 2023 Blogger Breakthrough Summit

Don’t have time to sit in front of your computer and watch? Take every session with you on the go with a private podcast feed.​

Listen when you’re out running errands, folding laundry, or working out.​


  1. Easy-to-Implement Systems
  2. What Money-Making Activities You Should Be Focusing On
  3. What You Need to Quit Doing to Have a Successful Blog


  1. Audio files so you can listen on the go via the Soundwise App
  2. Access to the audio version of all the sessions
  3. Speed control to listen at your own pace

Frequently asked questions

Is this product included with another product? No.

How will I receive my access? You will receive an email with information and links to download the Soundwise app to access the Private Podcast feed. 

How long will I have access? You will have access for 1 year (365) days from your date of purchase. 

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

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    1. Private podcast feed so you can listen on the go via the Soundwise App (1-year access)
    2. Access to the audio version of all the sessions (1-year access)
    3. Speed control to listen at your own pace


    You will receive a PDF with information and links to download the Soundwise app to access the Private Podcast feed.


    1. How to take back control of your email marketing in 5 steps
    2. What it takes to be a successful Affiliate - My top 5 tips that will increase your conversions now
    3. Designing Printable Products in Canva
    4. Writing Mistakes Beginner Bloggers Make
    5. Secrets to Super Charge Your Blog
    6. Strategic Content Planning for 2023
    7. The Secrets of PLR
    8. Using Batch Planning to Get Your Content Created Faster
    9. How to Discover and Share Your Brand Voice Through Your Blog
    10. Writing a Magnetic Mission Statement
    11. Systemizing Content and Repurposing Your Workflows
    12. How to Get Maximum Results from Social Media as a Blogger
    13. Potent Action Masterclass
    14. Brand Protection with Federal Trademark Registration
    15. How to Grow Your Recurring Revenue for your Membership or Group Coaching Program
    16. Developing Your Value-Driven Marketing Ecosystem
    17. How to Manage Email as an Entrepreneur
    18. How to Rank on Google with AI Content
    19. Easy Content Planning Tips to Plan a Year’s Worth of Content Quickly
    20. Master Your Content Organization with Airtable
    21. How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing the Legal Way
    22. The Secret Sauce To Click-Worthy Pins
    23. Time to ditch the newsletter? How to create a sales-stoking email strategy without the overwhelm
    24. 10 ways to make a stupid amount of affiliate money
    25. How to Reach Your Exact Target Market in 20 Minutes Per Day
    26. How To Turbocharge Your Productivity With ONE Simple To Do List Hack
    27. Monetization Panel
    28. How to Create a Stunning & Strategic Blogging Website: Even if you are not tech-savvy, are strapped for time, and/or are on a budget.
    29. Storefronts and Sales Funnels for Digital Products
    30. What Bloggers Need to Know about Google Analytics 4
    31. Monetize your way to an extra $1,000 a month (or any goal)
    32. Turning a Freebie into a High Value Digital Product
    33. Journaling for Authentic Content
    34. The Canva Cleanse: Declutter your Account and Save Time Designing!
    35. 4 Free SEO Tools Actually Worth Using
    36. Marketing Panel
    37. Funnel Copywriting 101
    38. How to Use Collaboration to Grow Your Traffic and Income
    39. 6 Legal Contract You Must Have to Protect Your Blog
    40. Recession Proof Your Business: Adding Digital Products to Your Portfolio
    41. The Crazy Simple Way to Get Loads of Pinterest Traffic
    42. Fearlessly Streamline Your Blog Content Process to Create More Productivity and Profitability
    43. How to Scale Your Reach with Translation
    44. How to Run a 6+ Figure Business in <20 Hours/Week
    45. How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale with Less Than 1,000 Pageviews

    Customer Reviews

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    "Hi Liz! I’m one of Monica Froese’s clients and that’s how I found your
    blogger summit. I upgraded and wow I am so impressed! Love that I can have
    early access! Love the lineup! You’ve done such an awesome job with this!
    Thank you
    -😊 Sidneyeve

    Wow!! I gained so much knowledge from every person on this panel. So much gold! I could listen to the group of you daily!

    The presenters are amazing, especially for those of us who are new to blogging. I really enjoyed Maureen Gaspari, she gave such a detailed explanation on how to set up a website to make it visually appealing. Today I'll be going through my site with a fine-tooth comb.

    Incoming Summit Rave! I've attended a lot of summits this past year, and what I LOVE about this one is that, while there's a live schedule of events, I can actually pause and go back to parts of a video for note-taking purposes.
    -Liz H