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Blogger Breakthrough Summit

2021 Blogger Breakthrough Summit Audio Feed (1 year)

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Audio Versions Of Each Session from the 2021 Blogger Breakthrough Summit

Don’t have time to sit in front of your computer and watch? Take every session with you on the go with a private podcast feed.​

Listen when you’re out running errands, folding laundry, or working out.​


  1. Easy to Implement Systems
  2. What Money Making Activities You Should Be Focusing On
  3. What You Need to Quit Doing to Have a Successful Blog


  1. Audio files so you can listen on the go via the Soundwise App
  2. Access to audio version of all 51 sessions
  3. Speed control to listen at your own pace

Frequently asked questions

Is this product included with another product? Yes, it's included as part of the 2021 Blogger Breakthrough Summit Replay Pass.

How long will I have access? You will have access for 1 year (365) days from your date of purchase. 

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

    A 2021 Blogger Breakthrough Summit Audio Feed (1 year) from Blogger Breakthrough Summit with earphones and a phone with the word blogger challenge on it.
    A person holding a phone with the brand "Blogger Breakthrough Summit" and the product "2021 Blogger Breakthrough Summit Audio Feed (1 year)" on it.

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    1. Private podcast feed so you can listen on the go via the Soundwise App (1-year access)
    2. Access to the audio version of all the sessions (1-year access)
    3. Speed control to listen at your own pace


    Yes. It's included as part of the ReplayPass


    You will receive a PDF with information and links to download the Soundwise app to access the Private Podcast feed.


    1. Site Speed Mistakes to Avoid and How
    2. Nail Your Niche: How to Choose a Profitable Niche and
    3. Position Yourself as an Expert
    4. Getting Started with Heart-Felt Affiliate Marketing
    5. Hobby vs Business: Keeping the IRS from disallowing all of your deductions
    6. Pinterest: Clickable vs Saveable Content
    7. Freebies for Fans: Find the Right Freebies to Grow Your Mailing List of Superfans!
    8. How to Write an About Page that Makes Readers Fall in Love with Your Brand
    9. Write It Yourself: How bloggers can write their own copy in 3 easy steps
    10. Plant your flag: Attract your Perfect People, Repel the Rest
    11. 5 Copy Tips for High-converting Homepages
    12. The ABCs of SEO for Beginning Bloggers
    13. Instant Income Funnels: 10 Steps for Creating a New Set it and Forget it Income Streams For Your Blog
    14. 5 Keys to Using Analytics for Success
    15. How Bloggers Can Increase Engagement, Reach, & Sales on Social Media
    16. Creating a Batch System For Your Business
    17. Content Accessibility
    18. How to Craft Brand Building Nurture Sequences
    19. How to Turn Leads Into Instant Customers with a Tripwire Offer
    20. How to Grow and Scale Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy
    21. Branding Beyond a Logo: The Key to Consistent Branding
    22. Using Canva to Create Promotional Graphics for More Sales
    23. and Sign-Ups!
    24. Build Your Profitable YouTube Channel in 1 Hour a Day
    25. How to Rank #1 in Google Search Results
    26. Conquer Your Big Picture Plan with Your Content Calendar Strategy-Simplified Step by Step
    27. The Biggest Financial Mistakes to Watch Out for as an Entrepreneur
    28. Leveraging YouTube for Your Blog
    29. 3 Offers You Should Be Making, If You Want To Triple Your Affiliate Revenue
    30. Blogger Outreach - How To Get Traction In Your First Year of Blogging
    31. Blogging Hacks to Find More Time to Write Post (Or Create More Blogs)
    32. How to Pitch Offers through Email and Earn Money on Autopilot
    33. Principles of Building a Sustainable Online Business
    34. 5 Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid
    35. Top 3 Legal Mistakes Made By Bloggers
    36. How to launch an online course (and get paying students BEFORE you've created the course!)
    37. How to Get Started with Video and Youtube
    38. How to Grow Your Email List in Compliance with the GDPR
    39. Terms of Use for Digital Products
    40. Canva Tips and Tricks for Beginners
    41. Elements of a High Converting Sales Funnel and Mistakes to Avoid
    42. How to Succeed on Pinterest and Hit Your Goals
    43. Summit Kickoff
    44. Creating better content, but less of it, to drive lead and convert sales
    45. Implementation Workshop
    46. The Power of Facebook Groups
    47. How to Maintain Your Wordpress Site After You've Set it Up
    48. How to Create a Lead Magnet that's Worthy of a Facebook Ad
    49. How to Develop Your Mindset for Success
    50. Uncomplicate Your Marketing
    51. An Introduction to the Wordpress Dashboard for Beginners
    52. Scale Your Business with Online Membership Programs
    53. Affiliate Marketing in Reverse!!


    I am learning so much (even things I wasn't prepared for like shortcuts on Canva!!)

    I just wanted to let you know, I just upgraded to get access to the replays and I have never done that before because I usually listen to the replays and I'm good, however, there were so many awesome speakers and takeaways from several talks that I felt the need to listen to them again and again.
    Thanks for a really good summit.

    Wow!! Absolutely amazing session!!! Def gonna rewatch and take good notes.

    This was a wonderful presentation. I am definitely more comfortable with SEO. Thanks Guys!